Kuypers van Kouteren


Well begun is half done


Over the past 30 years, we have experienced that a good start is half the battle. Therefore, first of all, pay attention to developing the right positioning of your brand. A successful positioning is based on relevant and distinctive strategic aspects and values. Relevant for your organization and/or brand and relevant for your target group.

You don’t make up a positioning that fits seamlessly with your brand, it’s just there. It is already in people’s minds. Not in difficult words or hollow phrases, but in plain language. We will show you.


‘A good positioning feels familiar’



Branding solutions

“Branding”, such a technical term that no one really thinks anymore about what it really means. In our opinion, it means ‘building your own identity for a product, service or company’. With your own brand assets.

You do this because you are convinced of the added value of a brand. And you are right. Look around and you’ll see plenty of examples of brands that are instrumentally (fysically) comparable to other brands, but for just a few of these brands people are willing to pay more. It is striking that the added value doesn’t come from the brands, it comes from the people. We help you to find the most promising brand value and thereby realize added value.

It’s not rocket science, not a crystal ball. It is clear thinking about what is going on in your target group. Really understanding people. That’s what it’s about.

We are not talking about general terms such as ‘reliable, customer-oriented, honest, progressive, innovative’ and so on. These are fine terms for your company profile, but they are not distinctive. Real brand values ​​are from a higher level. And at the same time they should be close to your brand byers It is always about how people experience your brand. Their perception is all that matters. That’s why good, relevant positioning should feel familiar.

Your positioning is tailor-made

Your positioning should fit seamlessly with your company, your brand and employees. If they recognize themselves in the positioning, they will carry out those values. That is why we involve your employees in the process. You realize added value based on internal information, the market information and the Positioning Scan©.

Positioning Scan©

Based on about 30 years of qualitative market research and an study about values ​​within marketing communication, we have developed a very practical tool; the Positioning Scan©. In this practical tool, strategy aspects have been translated into ‘ordinary language’ and abstract brand values ​​– End values ​​as we call them – are expressed in common and understandable language. It is tailor-made for every market and every brand.

Positioning is the fuel for creation

Clear and relevant positioning is not a creative straightjacket. On the contrary. It provides direction and it offers opportunities for above-average and outstanding work. It distinguishes the well-known “ideas” from real concepts. As a result, good positioning leads to work that works. Feel free to email if you want to know more.