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Brand Media Optimizer

5% to 30% more return on marketing communication

You develop a strategy to influence people's behavior.

Then you also want to know what the effect of your strategy is on that behavior

Many managers say they measure everything and know a lot, but how communication and media influence their sales is still a “black box”.

The Brand Media Optimizer methodology has been developed for managers who strive for excellence. For marketers who are determined to further improve their results. Those who develop strategies to influence people’s behavior. And want to measure the effects of these strategies on behavior, on sales and brand awareness. Factbased!

The methodology, based on several proven international theories, lets you look beyond the horizon. It gives you fact-based insight into which channels do and do not affect behavior. 

It shows you in which period there is an overspend or underspend. It provides you with insight into the brand-specific communication kpi´s that you can control. Working with the Brand Media Optimizer methodology yields an average of 5% to 30% more return on your marketing communications investments.

So the Brand Media Optimizer meets the need of brands and companies to convert the practice of big data into practical smart data. 

Do you want an optimal return on these investments and would you like to know more about the Brand Media Optimizer methodology? Download the brochure “5% to 30% more ROI of your marketing communication”. If you would like a personal demo, please contact Ronald van Kouteren (call +31 6 539 80 359 or send an e-mail to rvk@kvank.com).

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"5% to 30% more ROI of your marketing communication"

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